Case Study

Eu Yan Sang

Hot on herbs! As one of Singapore oldest home grown brands, Eu Yan Sang specialises in manufacturing and retailing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products, health foods and dietary supplements.

They stock over 1,000 different types of Chinese herbs and more than 300 products under the Eu Yan Sang brand, catering to the health and wellness needs of today’s consumers.

In order to be able to target an international market to expand services, Louken Group assisted Eu Yan Sang with in-depth market research and analysis, industry research on traditional Chinese medicines, competitor research on pricing, distribution, promotional tactics. Focus groups and surveys were conducted to understand the market batter.

This has helped Eu Yan Sang achieve a respectable global positioning. It now has 46 company-operated retail outlets in Singapore, counted amongst a global distribution network of 248 retail stores and 20 franchises in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.


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