Case Study

Bio Essence

Bio Essence is a leading skincare brand catering to consumers.

It has more than 100 products under the brand, including popular ranges like the Shape V Face series (Anti-aging), Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen and Whitening Series, Tanaka White series (Whitening), 24K Bio-Gold with Birds Nest Essence series (Eye, face and neck care), HydraSpa series (Hydration) as well as Celebrity‚Äôs Choice series (Body care).

Clickr Media had to reach their target audience online through a cost effective platform and to recommend an alternative to television advertisements. We proposed to run TrueView in-stream YouTube advertisements, as this ad format is only chargeable for actual 30-second view on the advertisement on a cost-per-view basis.

Targeting options were available in terms of both demographics and interests of the viewers, and these increased the relevancy of the advertisements served.


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