Case Study


Eye on mothers! Every drop of breast milk encapsulates perfect mix of vitamins, proteins and fat, being the nature’s best gift to newborns. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, however, it can be physically and mentally tiring for many busy mothers.

In 2012, a mother of four having gone through similar experiences decided to develop a product that will help mothers around the world. She knew the pain nursing mothers go through and wanted to close this gap. She envisioned creating a revolutionary breastfeeding solution that will ease the pain working mothers go through in their nursing process.

Louken Group guided her to go through an ethnography research process to understand how mothers from different cultures and countries nurse their babies and the pain point they face, which eventually led to the birth of Hegen.

Hegen created the world’s first express store feed system with interchangeable feeding and storage lids features that makes conversion from expressing to storage and feeding seamless and easy. Together with its PCTO unique one-hand closure, Hegen’s practical design allows users to minimize spillage and wastage.

By being first in the world and driven by a mission to be authentic, created a viral effect in its communications. Hegen went viral on social media after launch. It is flying off the shelves locally and overseas.


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