Case Study

Jean Yip Group

Hair-y hurrah! As Singapore’s leading hair and beauty group, the Jean Yip name is a well-known, bankable brand. Founded by Ms Jean Yip in 1982, it grew from a small hairdresser’s shop in Katong Plaza to a prominent showpiece of more than 60 stores across Singapore, offering not just hairdressing, but beauty, slimming, spa, massage and scalp services too.

The organisation also operates in Malaysia, Indonesia and China. This was carried out through a brand enhancement and systemisation exercise, which helped Jean Yip to be at their current positon. Louken Group utilised primarily a Masterbrand strategy, and associated most of Jean Yip brands to be named after its founder.

Jean Yip attracts new blood into the industry and maintains brand awareness within the younger demographic through its training academy with Singapore Institute of Technical Education.

The wide-ranging Jean Yip portfolio has taken decades to grow with the help of Louken Group’s re branding expertise.


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