Case Study

Jumbo Seafood

Since 1987, Jumbo has captured the hearts with fresh seafood cooked to perfection. Truly famous with its branded Singapore Chilli Crab.

The wild success of Jumbo’s first venture inspired rapid expansion in Indonesia. However, by the mid-1990s, plans to fast track growth locally and overseas hit a roadblock. They did not have a strong awareness of the brand and expansion led to heavy losses.

Jumbo re-evaluated the entire business, re-engineering both internal processes and marketing strategy. A new identity was crafted, utilising the crab from its signature dish as part of the logo, with a map of Singapore subtly enclosed in a claw.

Currently, Jumbo’s main seafood brand serves over two million diners every year, selling more than 584 tonnes of crab annually. The group has more than 20 outlets island wide. After the highly successful China market penetration effort in 2013, they now operate three large restaurants in Shanghai.

Internationalisation plans have been accelerated by a wildly successful listing on the Singapore Exchange in 2015. The Singapore listing has brought about more awareness to its already successful brand name.


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