Case Study

Mothers En Vogue

Eye on clothes! Since 2003, MEV has become a highly successful designer of well-fitting, high quality and environmentally friendly apparel for nursing mothers. Its innovative approach to channel management and branding is part of that success.

The brand took the unusual step back in 2002 of opening an online clothing store rather than renting floor space in a building. With a personal mission to serve busy pregnant or nursing women who yearned for fashionable yet comfortable and versatile maternity wear, MEV did not need to be convinced of the advantages of a “low cost, low risk” sales and marketing channel.

We worked on the organic development of multiple channels, each paving the way for the next, which enabled the brand to hedge its risk. Acquiring other sales avenues such as franchising occurred in the same organic fashion.

At each step, new knowledge was gained which enabled the next step to be taken. At the same time the channels complemented and enhanced each other.


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