Case Study


Pigeon has been a popular choice among breast-feeding mothers for 60 years.

Their commitment to product research and development has led them to become a preferred brand offering the highest levels of comfort, safety and quality. Pigeon’s range of products focused on breast-feeding from breast pumps, nursing needs to bottles and wipes as well as their skincare range, Newborn Pure.

The booming mom-baby products industry was highly competitive and there was a need to develop and maintain top-of-mind awareness. New and innovative products developed to cater the market with campaigns centred on thought leadership, content marketing, event marketing and leveraging on the SuperMom platform.

The aim was to propagate Pigeon’s name and a breast-feeding championship was held to sustain national interests. Year on year, the annual media value generated for Pigeon grew from approximately $400,000 to more than $1million in 2016.


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