Case Study


Hasbro dominates the toy industry with its brands of family gaming and children-focused brands such as NERF, My Little Pony and Play-Doh.

Play-Doh has been a tool for most pre-school art teachers to help children develop creativity and motor skills. The aim was to develop a set of syllabus and execute this as part of event marketing and educational outreach efforts among 20 pre-schools, within two months in 2015.

We executed Play-Doh’s campaign from June to July 2015 and yielded an outreach to more than 1,500 pre-school children and over 100 pre-school educators. The outreach was extremely viral and well-received by the principals of pre-schools who saw even more opportunities for the children to learn with Play-Doh as an educational tool.

Taking it a step further, we conceptualised Singapore’s inaugural and largest Play-Doh Challenge on September 26 2015 at Raffles City Shopping Centre, bringing together more than 600 participants.

Online, the 2015 Play-Doh Challenge, also received over 200 shares on Rise & Shine’s social media channel and more than 15,000 views within a week, totalling the Play-Doh’s media value to be more than $500,000.


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