Case Study


In 2000, when Sunray’s factory went down through a raging fire, they decided to start from scratch. Connie Wu, Founder of Sunray, did not want to be known as a sub-contractor as it was a challenge being the lowest in the value chain and the last to get payment.

They wanted to be the main contractors. It was necessary to innovate and change its operation process by focusing on the speed of delivery.

We decided to revamp this brand by focusing on the speed of delivery. We positioned them to be the fastest in their delivery process. This was a unique core advantage to work on.

As the company grew, we labelled them to be the fastest and most precise, a leading commercial interior fit-out specialist with an extreme focus on speed. Due to this unique competency and growth through innovation, Sunray has achieved a consistent compounded growth of 30 per cent over the last 10 years.


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