Case Study

Woodlands Transport

Big on buses! Woodlands Transport entered into the Singapore Books of Records as the largest private bus operator – becoming a distinctive market leader in the transportation industry.

Started in 1974, Woodlands Transport positioned itself as an all-round transport solutions provider. From the days of delivering cement to building projects in the late 1970s and precast components to residential projects in the 1990s, to ferrying workers and students on their daily commutes and subsequently travellers abroad in the new millennium.

Today, Woodlands Transport owns a fleet of more than 1,300 vehicles and makes an average of 50,000 trips a day, ranging from commuter buses and tour coaches, to construction transportation like lorry cranes, prime movers, cement tankers and tipper trucks.

Besides Woodlands Transport, they later grew into a leading travel agency which now serves an approximately 300,000 travellers annually and offers a wide range of travel packages that covers land, sea and air.

Woodlands Transport cleverly branded this business as WTS Travel which carries ‘WT’ in its name to associate itself to the master brand.


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