CEO Brand Growth Monthly Workshop


Oasia Hotel Novena

Start Date:
11 Oct 2015
End Date:
12 Oct 2015

Branding is essential for a business to embark upon so as to cultivate a strong and sustainable relationship with its set of target customers by generating relevance towards them. The benefits of branding are both tangible and intangible and the results are not always immediate. However, the benefits of branding are real and lasting.

The benefits of branding include creating positive perceived value, building brand loyalty, increasing awareness and brand relevance.

Who should attend: Branding define the core of the business and it is usually undertaken by the top management. This workshop is specially tailored for CEO and leaders within the business who believe in driving change. It is also beneficial for managers in the marketing or brand development department who wish to expand their understanding of branding.

This two day workshop brings participants through a journey of learning the ropes of branding and brand management, discovering the importance and impact of branding from real life case studies, define brand position and how it relates to the activities of your company as well as the power of focal associations influence on your consumers. Day 2 brings in topics such as brand planning process and strategy, understanding how internal branding can make or break a business and brand building skills. The highlight of day 2 is a personalised exercise where participants can create their own brand roap map for their business and work closely with brand consultants to help develop their own brand map. During this two days of workshop, guest speakers will also be invited to give participants more insights on the different scopes of branding.



This workshop is organised monthly. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about the workshop.