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How Yappy Pets speaks to different types of pet owners through 3 different brands

Speaking the love language of your pets meat

Can you tell us more about how Yappy Pets started their brand?

Sure! Yappy Pets started off as a pet food manufacturer and distributor. They saw their profits shrinking when large brands were constantly trying to push down distribution costs.


That was when they asked themselves: could we take our passion for providing the best for our pets, and turn it into our own brand? But Yappy Pets faced the challenge of entering a saturated market where most brands were saying the same thing.

Yappy Pets wanted to enter the saturated pet food market where most brands had the same message and selling points.

So, how were they different from the big brands?

They knew they couldn't compete head-on with the giants. So they had to use a secret weapon: insider knowledge.

Please, tell us more.

When they came to Louken, we realised that we needed to go deep into the mindsets of pet owners. So we did extensive market research across multiple Asian countries—Singapore, China, Indonesia, and Korea.

That’s when we discovered a fascinating truth: pet owners express their love in vastly different ways, with diverse preferences for packaging and communication.

So, a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't work?

You’re right! Some owners prioritise top-notch nutrition, while others want a bit of variety to keep their furry friends excited. And not only that, these groups of owners also respond to different types of packaging and looks. That’s what gave us the idea of coming up with a few brands.

We developed three distinct brands, each with its own voice and focus, to target different groups of owners who want different things for their pets.

That strategy is called House of Brands, correct?

Right. So we developed three distinct brands, each with its own voice and focus, catering to three different expressions of love.

Earthmade: this brand speaks to the "naturalist" pet owner. It’s all about farm-to-bowl goodness and real ingredients.

Boneve: this brand is for those who want a balance between joy and nourishment, offering delicious yet nutritious meals.

Loveabowl: this playful brand is the go-to for the variety seeker, showcasing a colourful array of flavours to keep mealtimes exciting.

And the results speak for themselves—a successful launch across multiple Asian markets!

We're definitely very proud of them! Yappy Pets is a shining example of how knowing your customers well can help transform a brand and help you enter new markets. Pet lovers in China, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and India can now find Yappy Pets in their neighbourhood stores!

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