BT Interview with Luke Lim (Group CEO)

Louken Group’s Founder & MD Luke Lim, featured on the cover of SME magazine’s March issue as he shares more on the driving force behind Singapore SME brands as well as how pursing brand growth in today’s digital economy is vital.

Digital disruption and moving into innovation cannot be avoided by SME businesses. To help them, Louken will continue to partnering with agencies, investing and collaborating with them. We are also on the constant look out for investing in technology companies especially startups, partnering with them and help our SME clients to remain relevant in the ever disruptive business landscape.

As part of the SME transition for family own businesses from 1st generation to the 2nd generation, about 50 percent of our clients are adopting digital transformation as the economy landscape and buying behavior changes. In making this process manageable, Luke said, “We are also hand-holding them through the digital transformation . . . We don’t want them to do big things at the start. We need to help them make small changes first; and when they are comfortable, they will do more.”

When ask what to look ahead, Luke said, “I see my leaders and staff as partners – we grow together. As a group, we say we are a brand growth partner. This philosophy transcends to the team as well. We want to grow with our staff through seasons of life.”

Full article maybe found here or you may read at Louken Group Facebook.

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