Leading by example

by Miak Aw, 23 Dec 2010

leading by example

By Miak Aw

A.S. LOUKEN helps clients to live up to their brand value. When CEO Luke Lim introduced a series of CSR initiatives to his brand and growth consultancy firm five years ago, his staff and management were rather sceptical of his decision.

Engaging in CSR activities took up some of the company’s limited resources, and many questioned the viability of a brand consultancy firm doing CSR.

To build up the culture of giving back to society, A.S. Louken organises monthly CSRsharing sessions for its staff who are encouraged to do community work on their own accord, apart from the ones organised by the company.

‘We did a lot of internal branding back then,’ says Mr Lim. ‘And the result we have today is an organisation that is keen to work on CSR.’

Unlike companies that provide eco-friendly products and services, doing CSR is not part of A.S. Louken’s business. Yet, the brand consultancy firm has participated in numerous community service initiatives, from charity fund-raising to designing collateral for nonprofit organisations (NPOs).

‘Part of our mission statement is to impact lives through our work,‘ says Mr Lim, who is also on the board of advisers for the Salvation Army. ‘Doing CSR helps our employees find meaning in their work.’

He shares with BT that A.S. Louken leverages on its expertise and resources to maximise the value of its contribution in community work.

Some of its recent initiatives include rebranding The New Charis Mission, a halfway house that rehabilitates and integrates ex-offenders into society, and designing collateral for Bizlink Centre, an NPO that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Recently, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, the company also took the opportunity to galvanise its clients and business partners to play their part in its charity luncheon. The event raised more than $120,000 for the North East Lunch Box Fund, which provides lunch for needy children in Singapore.

Source: AsiaOne