From Singapore to the Rest of Asia

by Karyn Lim, November 2014

Karyn Lim is our Chief Executive Officer. The following are excerpts from her speech delivered at an economics and finance forum held in Chongqing, China.

Know the competition. Focus competency. Replicate fast. For brands going global, this is the winning formula. This works for Chinese brands entering Asian markets, as well as for Singaporean brands moving out to the world.

Whether your journey begins in China, Singapore, or elsewhere in the world, what we do as Singapore’s largest independent brand consulting team is grow your business as a market-leading brand. The SKIN INC brand is one such success story. For a system that simplifies customised skincare for busy working adults, we created an agile franchise model that amplified the brand’s strong presence throughout the Sephora retail network to 11 international markets – Milan, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Miami among them. For fast fashion brand Charles & Keith, a franchise model that enabled rapid expansion moved the brand quickly from Singapore to approximately 410 locations in over 33 international markets.

There’s something to be said of this strategy – Singapore as a springboard for brands to the rest of Asia. We are a transportation and logistics hub with the right manpower and an optimal geographic location. Our little red dot is the address of choice for many HQs, making us a multi-cultural destination that blends East perfectly with West. Finally, our strong IP laws establish our foundations as an Intellectual Property protection centre that empowers businesses with confidence.

Chinese brands possess that unique advantage of rich cultural elements. Combined with exquisite and refined craftsmanship, the possibilities are endless.