Lost in translation

With offices in Singapore, China, Thailand, and Japan, ASIAL10N is an Asian language translation and localisation specialist whose global clientele comes from the marketing and PR agencies who take charge of projects.

While successful, the arrangement also meant ASIAL10N stayed in the background, resulting in minimal control over projects, margins, and client relationships.

ASIAL10N sought to establish stronger relationships with clients without jeopardising agency partnerships. Could they go beyond vendor status and cultivate a client base of their own?

We uncovered ASIAL10N’s core competitive advantages through stakeholder interviews and a branding workshop with the management team. The company’s strength was its people, in-house teams of Asian language specialists and linguists all responsible for keeping their translation work a cut above competitors’.

With this in mind, we recommended a house of brands approach to clearly segment areas of business: ASIAL10N would stay the course with agency partnerships, while a new brand would be created for a new client base.

As our branding work with language services specialist ASIAL10N proves, making a name for yourself begins with literally making a name.

Hello, we are Lexallo

Building the new brand on the promise “Linguistic Experts Incorporated”, a bold new name was needed to set it apart. Lexallo fuses the words lexicon with alloy to communicate dexterity, flexibility, and strength—all the qualities of teams of experts doing great work one project at a time.

The new brandmark was created to embody the same fluid qualities as the name, a sequence of morphing flourishes and accents designed primarily for digital application. The visual system, with its strong colour blocking, man-on-the-street photography, and traditional serif letterforms, exudes scholarly expertise and cultural dynamism, seen first through a launch campaign that’s all about giving businesses “the power to go native absolutely anywhere in the world”.

Speaking with the world

On the branding process, Lexallo Chief Marketing Officer Eileen Ho had this to say: “We went to Louken based on their reputation and they more than lived up to it. They made an effort to truly understand our field of work and industry right down to the details so that they could better understand how to make our brand stand out. They have been exceedingly professional and knowledgeable in their field and did not hold back in sharing with us what they thought worked best for our brand…they presented their craft in a way that didn’t need much alteration as they had fully grasped Lexallo’s image.”

Today, Lexallo is a go-to language services provider for pre-IPO companies, and ASIAL10N’s agency collaborations show no signs of slowing. Memorable in more ways than one, Lexallo proves that strong partnerships translate into strong brands.


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