Changing perceptions

Formerly Natural Healings, Natrahea is a health and wellness clinic specialising in non-invasive solutions such as Chiropractic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Functional Wellness. It is the world’s first East-meets-West approach to healing the natural way.

However, within the chiropractic industry, it is fragmented, with little brand differentiation among the players. And very often, chiropractic is often perceived as a symptomatic solution for severe skeletal structural problems and pain management. This results in a small target market and overall negative perception as fear mongering is used to sell their services.

So how does a wellness company like Natrahea get more market share and promote alternative wellness methods as a means to uphold better health rather than as a symptomatic treatment?

By amplifying Natrahea’s key strength in championing and integrating East-West wellness practices to heal the body naturally, transformation happens.

East meets West for the best

Our first plan of action was to organise our research to gather insights that could help us  brand Natrahea forward. The results from consumers validated that TCM was an effective complement to chiropractic. This reflects them as a holistic wellness centre that offers a comprehensive suite of non-invasive offerings – a key differentiator from their competitors

Based on Natrahea’s strengths in delivering non-invasive wellness services, we built the brand around three brand truths.

360 restoration

Creation of a Circle of Healing, which makes for easier understanding of the alignment of 3 practices under one brand: Chiropractic + TCM + Physio. Treatments offered are non-invasive, safe and effective. We included testimonials from satisfied customers to prove its effectiveness.

Real care

Real care is all about displaying a strong sense of Asian hospitality where everyone is treated like family. This brings customers on a positive and uplifting experience.


Conveniently located outlets within Singapore. Availability of three types of treatments in one outlet. Safe, with treatments that are non-invasive, non-surgery, making it suitable for all.

Let the healing begin

Armed with a new positioning, our collaboration led to the following: The name “Natural healings” was shortened to “Natrahea” to connote the consolidation of services under one brand as well as for trademarking and regionalisation. The logo has both English and Chinese elements to demonstrate the new position of chiro + TCM + physio. The Chinese name 康愈源 – a source of healing, refers to the brand’s philosophy of allowing one’s body to heal naturally through its own ability. A primary dark green colour represents nature, renewal, balance and harmony that has a soothing influence on both body and mind.

Younger and more vibrant brand ambassadors were engaged to reach out to a younger target market. These brand ambassadors are key opinion leaders in health, wellness and loving life, and whose audiences are aligned with Natrahea’s.

Natrahea also secured in-house TCM practitioners who believe their skills will complement chiropractic services. This acquisition was considered a big feat in the industry as most TCM practitioners do not think East and West treatment can work in tandem. The brand also successfully crafted its communications to target families and young working adults by introducing wellness as a lifestyle, not as a symptomatic solution, thus realising the goals it has set out to achieve.

natrahea rebrand logo


  • Healthhub by Health Promotion Board (HPB)
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