Cut-throat competition

As OEM for some of the most established baby bottle brands on the market, our client recognised the opportunity to build a name of their own when brands started bringing manufacturing in-house. The challenge: wresting mindshare away from incumbent brands with products and stories deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of millions, not to mention top marketing dollars to defend this status quo. From a behind-the-scenes manufacturer to a super brand with a fiercely loyal global following, we stepped in to make the transformation happen.

We observed a strong, positive response—from healthcare professionals as well as mothers—to breastfeeding advocates who felt real and sounded authentic.

Making every drop count

We conducted ethnographic research to better understand nursing mothers across different countries and cultures. We saw many of them struggle with inconvenient seals and poorly considered shapes. Many jerry-rigged incompatible brands together in an effort to answer to different needs—this often made feedings complicated and graceless.

We spoke with parents who wanted more efficient solutions, to save time and space, to reduce waste. We observed a strong, positive response—from healthcare professionals as well as mothers—to breastfeeding advocates who felt real and sounded authentic. Clearly, what the market lacked was a brand that supported the breastfeeding journey in a real way all the way.

Taking these insights, our client worked with an industrial design team to prioritise the features now synonymous with Hegen, the world’s first express-store-feed system with interchangeable feeding and storage lids and truly compatible breast pumps and sterilisers.

The results spoke for themselves: a mother could now safely carry her baby with one hand and fix a bottle with the other, expect minimal fuss and no spills, thanks to wide, square-shaped bottles with a press-to-close, twist-to-open feature. Stackable, microwaveable, easy to clean—the patented system was simply a win, not only for the brand but also for working mothers everywhere.

For the face and voice of Hegen, we developed the brand personality of an authentic companion through the breastfeeding journey. Campaigns featured nursing moms’ tips and experiences—starting with the founder’s own story as a mother of four and breastfeeding advocate. Identifying mom-fluencer bloggers and their communities, we created a platform for the real mom stories that now define the Hegen brand.

The birth of an Asian super brand

Our client had a vision—of a breastfeeding solution that would support working mothers—and together, we worked to make it one that would revolutionise the industry. Today, Hegen is one of the most in-demand baby bottle brands on the market, ranking no 2 in China’s TMall 11.11.2018 sales and selling 2 million bottles in 2018 alone. Numerous product innovation and consumers’ choice awards include the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan and Good Design Singapore; a global network of sales offices is in the pipeline, to meet the demand that continues to pour in from all around the world.


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